Kajoler Din Ratri | The Movie

Kajoler Din Ratri | The Movie

About the movie

In the movie Kajoler Dinratri, a young boy from a wealthy family, experiences a shift in his world view following the separation of his parents. As Kajol adapts to the often-bitter challenges facing him with his change in financial status, he also gains confidence while adapting to the new circumstances of his life.

Due to the wealth of Kajol’s father , Kajol and his friends are abducted from a tea garden where they go to relax after final exams. While being held for ransom with his friends, Kajal creatively confronts their captive situation and leads them in a plan to escape.

Kajoler Dinratri received National Grant for Film in 2010.

Dr. Muhammed Zafar Iqbal wrote the original story. The movie was directed by Sajal Khaled. Anwawr Hossain was the cinematographer and Ashraful Alom was the film editor. Lucky Aakhand composed background music and the theme song was written by Kabir Bakul. Maruf Kamrul Islam and Amzad Hossain Rajib were the sound designers and engineers. Studio Jolpori created the title animation. Jill Watrous wrote English subtitle for the film.

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The movie

Kajol, a young boy, belongs to a very rich family of Bangladesh. His father is one of the leading industrialist of Bangladesh and his mother is very sophisticated housewife. Kajol's parents were classmates during University life. Kajol's father Mr. Altaf Nabi is very successful businessman who made himself totally involved in business and running after money keeping his wife alone at home. Kajol's mother is very pretty and soft hearted women who has monitory comfort but she never get sufficient company of her husband.

Kajol's world is limited to his expensive English medium international school, rich classmates, western music, internet, cars etc. He is not serious for anything in the world as he get everything before he has to work for it.

Difficulties in family

At one night Kajol heard an unusual fight between his Parents in their library. Kajol went behind the door and heard his mother was asking Altaf Nabi with surprised anger that how could he become unfaithful to her and started a secret relation with his employee. Suddenly Kajol entered the room with many questions in mind. His father scrolled him to enter in seniors conversation and ordered him to go back to his room. Kajol's mother denied that and requested Kajol to stay their and listen this. Her mother asked Kajol to forgive her as she has decided to leave this house. Kajol's father took this as a ego matter and stacked on his personality not apologizing to his family. Kajol's mother took some daily usual things in a small suitcase and left the house. Kajol was empty and confused how he will react.

Suddenly he realized that he should actually support his mother. Kajol took something (Ipod, books, tshirts) in his day pack and followed his mother though his father called him back but he didn't obey his father.

New lifestyle

That night Kajol's mother decided not to go to her parent's home as Altaf Nabi would definitely go their and try to bring her back. She went to a middle class couple who were her University classmates. They welcome them and were willing to help her taking a medium rated one room flat and to get a job for surviving. Kajol and her mother purchased minimum things to survive in their new residence. Kajol thought her mother doesn't know how to cook or how to clean a house but he was actually wrong. They started a new struggling life. Kajol' s father thought her mother will have to come to him finally as it is beyond their capability to pay Kajol's school fees. Kajol didn't want to feel his mother defeated. He decided to get admitted a middle class local Bengali medium school. He actually didn't know that these students are actually the main stream of this country.

Kajol's new school

Kajol's new classmates are comparatively thin, dark, tough and responsible. Surprisingly he found them very friendly. He saw puberty aged boys and girls fighting about Enimem or Back Street Boys but he never realized that a young girl can recite a big poetry herself and dreams to get heart all the poems of a poet. He realizes that there can also be some boys who can make nonstop fun and there can be very strong family bonding among general families. This is the first time he actually felt strong friendship with classmates though there was also little irritating classmate as well.

The power lies actually inside

At middle of the year Kajol's class decided to perform a drama based on the liberation war of Bangladesh where a tin age boy motivated his village towards independence and finally he was killed by the opposition army. Kajol's friends were very interested to get suitable roles of this drama but Kajol was actually 100 km away from any acting activities. When all of his friends were busy in rehearsal, Kajol was getting bored and was roaming around the practice. Their coordinator teacher requested Kajol to prompt on the drama as the prompter was absent that day. Kajol started prompting and he found he actually understands the whole drama well. They made them prepared working hard for the school stage show. The main role of the drama was supposed to be acted by an energetic boy of his class. The day before the show he came and didn't take part in rehearsal because of abdominal pain. His appendix was actually to blast, the same day he was seriously ill and got operated.

At the morning all of them came to know this accident from their coordinator teacher and become depressed like anything. Girls couldn't stop their tears thinking of postponed drama.

Finding the real person

Finally all of them went to hospital to visit their friend. Their friend smiled to them with pain and wanted to tell them something. They heard that he said, "Kajol can do the role". Everyone was blooming with excitement thinking Kajol can really save them as he actually knows all the dialogues. Kajol was almost crying as he never did any acting in his life but his friends requested him like anything and assured him that all of them will support him in the show. Kajol was in enormous tension for the show. In evening all of them get dressed for the drama. There were many local guests including the school chairman and guardians. Everyone was prepared for the show except Kajol. When Kajol came in stage he forgot all of his dialogue and felt blank. His co actor whispered at his ear as well as the prompter. Kajol was at his breaking point to give up everything. All in a sudden he felt that he is not actually Kajol, he is the boy who motivated the whole village during the war. He knows the relations with everyone in the village. He also knows what is going to happen here and he can play the role better than anyone in the world. It was actually not Kajol, it was the boy himself in the stage. Kajol and his team made everyone feel the emotion of that village. After the show ends everyone become emotional. The chairman announced a gold medal for Kajol.

A hero is born

After the show Kajol realized the power inside him. He becomes hero of his school. Teachers started behaving soft with him. Junior students accepted him as a school leader. Kajol started representing the whole school suddenly. Meanwhile Kajol also improved his educational record by his own. He started seeing the world from a different height. Kajol hided his luxurious past from his friends so far. After the successful show all of them went to an expensive fast food store to celebrate. Kajol met his classmates of old school their. Everyone was very curious to know about him as there were rumors that Kajol's father kicked them away from their house for some scandals and they now live in a slam. Kajol faced them normally and told them he is very fine with his new poor friends. After his real identity was clear to his friends he actually got a better friendship with them.


After their final exam they had a vacation and one of their friends invited all of them to a 200 km far Tea Garden who was actually jealous of Kajol. There were two fishy men who went along with them. The boy who invited them actually planned to make a fake kidnapping story to scare everyone, specially Kajol. His plan was to take the credit of saving everyone but the two men took it seriously as they came to know Kajol is only child of renowned industrialist Altaf Nabi. When they were in the lonely garden, the boys and girls were being locked in a dark cellar as it was preplanned from the jealous boy. All of them were scared like anything. Finally he jealous boy understood that the men betrayed them and they are really trapped. The kidnappers talked with Kajol's father Altaf Nabi for big ransom. The money was a very small amount for Altaf Nabi and was actually happy that now he got a scope to save Kajol proving his importance. Kajol took the leading again and planned how they can defeat the kidnappers. The motivation and courage came from the feeling that letting his father paying the ransom can make his mother uneasy/insulted to his father. The boys and girls executed the nice plan successfully with extraordinary courage and captured one kidnapper. The other kidnapper went to city to collect the money from Altaf Nabi. Finally Kajol and his team managed to attack the other kidnapper in a public place where his father was present to give the ransom. After the successful adventure Kajol's father scrolled him for taking such life risks. Kajol said he took all these life risk only to not feel his mother defeated to him. His father realized that respect/love of the family members is the most precious thing and it can never being achieved with force or influence of money.

Importance of family bonding

The story ends with an impression that his father understands his fault and in a way to compromise. He finally was convinced to do everything for a better family bonding

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